KDiehl Danceworks

Originally based in Rochester, NY, I started KDiehl Danceworks in 2012 as a project based collective intended to offer professional opportunities for dance artists and choreographers to showcase work and construct a network of artists from various disciplines to create collaborative, community-building events. In its current form, this serves as a professional platform to share my work as a performer, choreographer, educator, and scholar. Within these intersecting roles, I am committed to increasing visibility and accessibility to contemporary dance in the local and regional community through teaching, performance opportunities, collaborative projects, and arts advocacy. In my current position as Assistant Professor and Director of Dance at Idaho State University, I strive to foster interdisciplinary connections and share my work in the realm of somatic practices on campus and beyond as these efforts will inherently lead to a greater sense of reciprocity, openness and clarity. I believe that when we choose to engage in collaboration with empathy and an investment in learning, we offer ourselves the opportunity for creativity, growth and change. Additionally, I believe that change begins with awareness and becoming more aware of the expressive and functional capacities of the body offers infinite possibilities. 

The human body is not an instrument to be used,

but a realm of one's being to be

experienced, explored, enriched,

and, thereby, educated.

-Thomas Hanna