KDiehl Danceworks

Performance/Choreography Reviews

"This dance was just cool. I wanted to be in this dance!" Leah Cox, 2019 Northwest Region ACDA in regards to Inner Workings.

All sorts of ideas and emotions are explored in this quick-fire succession of pieces but perhaps the most telling is ‘Singular Movements of Unraveling Truth” performed by Kathy Diehl and Leanne Rinelli which explores ideas of individuality and relationship in a subtle and fluid duet.

--Julie Morrice, Young Perspective, August 11, 2017

"Whether Diehl is twitching and shuddering in Pleasure Garden, or staring at the audience or holding a long balance in arabesque, everything she does is riveting." --Margaret Putnam, Theater Jones 2014

"A tilt of the head, small gestures around her torso, draw me into her world. Large circular movements of arms and feet stretch out with yearning. Sinking into herself, slow luxurious gestures with quick accents follow until again she catches sight of her reflection. Slicing, enclosing around herself—miniature movements of remembering. I am left wondering. And I smile at the delight of not knowing. " --Anne Burnidge, Peer Review, 2011

"Kathy successfully crafted a subtle and sophisticated choreography employing technically challenging phrases demonstrating a rigorous attention to detail and design. The music, costumes and choreographic choices worked to create a balanced and engaging piece. I look forward to viewing Kathy’s next new creation; her voice is rich with possibilities."

--Mariah Maloney, Peer Review 2011

“Diehl soaked in the movement during the audition as if she were analyzing why the choreographer chose the movements rather than simply moving in the instructed ways.” article in Democrat and Chronicle --Anna Reguero, 2009 (In regards to Larry Keigwin residency at SUNY Brockport)

Adaptation, a work choreographed by Kathy Diehl, was a breath of fresh air. Diehl’s use of gestures was reminiscent of Hofesh Schechter’s In Your Rooms although hers was more rhythmic to fit the measured music. The changing formations and effective moments of stillness proved to be a refreshing sight. -- Kate Pracher, Brockport Stylus 2008

"Kathy Joslyn (Diehl) danced the roles of the Dew Drop Fairy and Spanish Chocolate with an impressive technical strength and spirit matched only by the two guest artists from New York City Ballet. The Draper Dance Theatre is a company to keep a watch on."

--Karen Flynn, 1988

Featured in Dance Teacher Magazine July 2010 (feature on Bill Evans)

“Dancer lands state-wide award”-- William Matthias, Brockport Stylus 2010 (in regards to Thayer Award)